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It's been a long time...

I lot has happened since I last update... And, I mean really updated. So, here goes.

Last we'd heard, I had manged to get myself injured at a RoundAbout concert... How, you ask, because, that is quite an amazing occurance? I got pushed, and instead of falling into the microphone which would have then smacked Tony (not that we honestly care one or the other anymore, since he left the band to reform Go Ahead but still be a dick) I tried to catch myself on the moniter, and the gate was parcially off, so I gouged my arm. I have a really nice scar, that might be almost healed, and it's over 2 months old. So, that's fun times.

Nothing really happened in October. I finally moved out of the apartment... I now live in a super crowded basement room, where it gets cold and I have to listen to make sure that the dogs are not waking up. I had some family up, and my semi-aunt and uncle took me out to a bar in Seattle. It was great fun. There were all these out of towners there for the football game and they kept buying me drinks. I'm okay with that. So, then this one guy subtly slips his arm around my shoulders and slightly gropes me... When I move his hand back to my shoulder it drops to my ass... Awkward. So, Barry and Valeda (semi-aunt and uncle) and I go stand outside, and he comes back up to me, and tries to make out with me in an alley. How hot is that? Yeah. Barry, Valeda and I end up wandering around Seattle, slightly drunk, for about an hour before we try to catch a cab home. We walked from Pike Place Market, down to the Ferry terminal and then back towards the courthouse. We ran into a cop, who flashed us his badge and bid us a good night. And we caught a cab home. It was fun. I want more of my friends to be old enough to go out with. And it's soooo pretty to walk around Seattle at night.

The next week was MAE!!! So amaezing. Shannon and I got there sooo early so that we could be in the front, and we stood there through all the other bands to makes sure that we could experience Mae to the max.

It was such an amazing show, they played so well, I thought that it would be the best day ever... Shannon and I kind of felt retarded though, cause when we were walking to the line before the show, we walked past Dave and Jacob and we didn't say hello or anything... Hindsights 20/20.

The next day, Shannon and Steph and I drove to Portland to see the same show. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The drive down there was fun, if uneventful. After we dropped Steph off in Oregon City, Shan and I had to find the venue ourselves. We got lost and I asked this really creepy guy outside of a news paper office if he could help us. We ended up on this random bridge that took us nowhere, on another random road that let to a boat dock and was hella shady in the dark, and finally got Stephanie to tell us what we'd done wrong. By the time we got to the venue, and parked (cause we had to drive around the block like 3 times, and these are worse than downtown Seattle blocks, with all the freaking one way streets) the first band had already started. We fought our way to the front, and had an amazing time. We decided that we didn't want to be upfront for Mae, because Portland scene kids are not nice. AMAZING SHOW. It was almost better to be not in the front, because we sang our hearts out and got amazing Mae merch like spiffy iPod! covers. The drive home, not as much fun... Had to have Steph drive cause I fell asleep and changed lanes... Oops. Made it home around 6am.

So, RoundAbout announced that they were not going to be RoundAbout anymore. It was sad times. But, they had 2 shows, and then the last show... The first show was at KTUB and it was such good times. They always play amazing, but it seems like, when something good is going to end. The week after the KTUB show, they played an accoustic show at Nordstrom's in South Center. Quite possible the funnest thing I have been to in a while. The boys played so well, and Dustin was a total pimp with the CDs. They made lots of new friends. Afterwards, Shannon, Steph and I went and got food. mmmmm, food.

And then, THE EARLY NOVEMBER. Never have I seen such hottness in one show. Ace, and Jeff, and Serg, and Joe, and new guy. I totally forgot the new guys name. It was sad times though, cause they weren't headlining (damn senses fail) and so it seemed really short but everyone was rocking out. There was moshing and dancing and singing. It was happiness. Totally happiness. And, the even funnier thing is that it was exactly 2 years from the last time they came to town. It's that weird? Yeah. I know.

And then, the worst thing ever. It was time for the last RoundAbout show. It was a sad day, because they played the best show I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot) and it was the last time they'd play like that. Everyone rocked so hard, and I was in the mosh pit, and everyone was on, and it was just so much fun and such good times. I almost wanted to cry when it was over because it seemed so final... Mike busted his guitar and Tony told us to support Endless, and then all was over. They got to play a couple extra songs that they normally wouldn't have been able to, but mostly cause it was their last show. It meant TP was cut short, so it was ok. lol. Anyways, no more RoundAbout, soon to be something else.

I'm really going to miss them, but whatever they do next will be simply amazing. I really can't wait.

This has been long, and fun, and probably slightly random for most of you, but it's been real. Later.
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