there's beauty in the breakdown (dustyred) wrote,
there's beauty in the breakdown

Here's a picture update, of random things that my phone has seen.

Russell, fixing my sub, but maybe being locked in the trunk for nefarious purposes... Hmmmm, idea?

Rainbow in Missoula while I was waiting for my 2 hour late bus to head back to Washington... Beautiful.

Ducks in Lake Washington the day before my 21st... Ahhhh, precious.

Andrew at a Jack's Mannequin show at Studio 7 on Mother's Day of this year. Friggin amazing show... Not so amazing pictures, cause it's a camera phone, not a camera, but ya get the picture. lol

Jared showing his "old" side. Cutest 3 year old ever.

Look, it's Oliver Twist... AKA Mallory... hahahah

My puppies, Dudley and Abigail. I miss them....

There are no good pictures of Lucy and Beau, but if I had one, I would put it up here... They never stay still long enough to get their pictures taken.

Now Steph and I are going to go do a belly dancing DVD... Good stuff.
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