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Bluerosegolfer: remember that one time, where we went to this random work BBQ, and then we headed to Seattle, but you drove, and the turnoff totally reminded us of the many other times that we'd been to S7 in the past years, and we had flashbacks off all the other times we'd been there, and all the other fun trips we took, and then we found out that everyone who played at the show we were at was hella young (hello 15 year old drummer) and kind of random, and we had tacos, s$s and cheesecake and fun before I took you home? Yeah... Me too... It was great.

Auto response from EversoSweet85sr:
remember that one time i went to a random battle of the bands at studio7 and totally fell in love with that guy in the white shirt.. and then i found out he's only 17... yea me too... bummer.....

Tonight was awesome. Hope everyone else had fun. NIGHT!!!
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