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This weekend was great. I'll start with Thursday. It was Rebecca's birthday, so Rebecca, Crissy, Sara, Meghan and I went to Cowgirl's Inc. Fabulous good fun. I was the DD, so I had one Mike's Hard, and danced up a storm. Decided that I wanted to leave early, cause I had to work early the next day, and on the way home, we detoured to 24 hour Starbuck's in Lake City and then to Safeway for socks, and then to Kenmore Lanes for some bowling. I didn't win. I couldn't even beat 3 drunk people at the game. In the process, I managed to throw away a quarter that I borrowed to pay for my game. Yeah, how dum can you feel? Everyone was laughing at me... And asking if I'd really stayed sober. As if, this isn't butte. Got home around 3:30 and went to bed. Got up less than 5 hours later for work.

Spent Friday chilling by myself. I didn't feel good, and so I watched Sin City and it was freaking amazing... Went to bed early. It was fabulous. I got so much sleep.

Saturday I went to the DOL to get a new license. Realized after I retardedly spent an hour there that they only take cash, and it was $15 and I only had $10. I went and spent the rest of the afternoon at Krystle and Kelsey's Garage Sale in Edmonds. Got an amazing deal on the best freaking phone every... It's this really old school phone, and it comes in a box, and you open the box to answer it. They were selling it for $10 and I bought it for $1. It was the best deal ever, and it makes me so happy. I also got a scanner to go with my laptop. Now I have a printer, and a scanner, and my baby laptop. I don't care what anyone says, I love my DELL!! After I left the garage sale, I met Shannon at her house, and we both drove to QFC to get our tickets to Mae in October. Walked over to Denny's and ordered food. Yummy food. I was happily surprised cause we both mixed it up a little. After food, we went back to our cars, and I started to drive away, only to get a call from Shannon that her car wouldn't start. I pull back in by her, ask this creepy guy for jumper cables, and then climb in the car... It's the fuel injection system... Or, something to that effect. I felt really smart. Went back to my appartment and set up my phone, packed stuff for after the show, and headed out. Got to KTUB really early, and went to Starbuck's and sat there for a while. Went to QFC and got travel toothbrushes... Which is not unusual for me, especially if you know me... I am a toothpaste addict... There should be a meeting for this kind of thing. lol. The show was amazing. After the show we headed to Jeff's where I napped... Oh, first we watched Music Videos and then I napped. Who really knows what everyone else was doing. Psh. Headed home to find Sean sleeping on my top bunk, and all my clean laundry on the floor. PISSED ME OFF! SO FUCKING RUDE. Little prick. Also found Stephanie Kuchno sleeping in the bathroom. Fun times. Finally got to sleep around 4.

Got up at 7 to go meet my sister and my dad for breakfast and Ikea. Had fun. Went to the races. Lost $24, but had so much fun doing it. Went back to my parents house and had dinner and talked about the living situation. It'll actually be okay. It'll cost the same, but I'll only be giving them half the money, and putting the other half into savings. There'll be some other rules, but I'm okay with limitations. It makes things easier, cause I never have to figure things out by myself. Caught part of the VMAs and basically chilled. I got so much sleep, it made me so happy.

Work today was work. Tomorrow the DM is coming, and I need to be on my best behavior to make sure that nothing happens. Definately going to need a coffee break after a day from hell. Lovely!!

Anyways, I'm headed to bed. Have lovely nights!!!

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