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February 4th, at 10 pm]
hmmmm. livejournal... It seems as if Ben has started a trend.

oh my gosh. The things that can be relived when posting them on the internet. It's crazy. It makes you want to vent, rave, rant, laugh, joke, be there. I want to spend time feeling like I'm doing things instead of writing about want it. So I guess this is a new chapter in my life.

Time to make things happen instead of wishing they would.
Time to love and live and be happy.
Time to forgive and forget.

And, most likely, time to forget to keep updating. I swear I'll try.

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December 2nd, at 11 pm]
it's been a ridiculously long time... but i was looking at my livejournal, and i realized my last update was about ruby's window not rolling up after i rolled it down... in the middle of december about 2 years ago.

now i have dori. and my sister has moved. and my job is still the same. and i live with april instead of ben. all new and different things.

might keep up with this, but unfortunately probably not. working 60 hours a week really isn't condusive to keeping this thing up.

peace out peeps.
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May 18th, at 10 pm]
I leave for Corvallis in less than 12 hours. So excited.
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February 20th, at 3 pm]
i have had the 2 best weekends in a very long time. i love bellingham. might be spending a lot more time there in the upcoming months.
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December 12th, at 10 am]
Friday I did a really stupid thing. I rolled my window down so that I could see to drive acrossed a busy street, and it got stuck there. So I spent the whole weekend driving around with my window stuck down... It's taped closed now, but who knows how long that'll last, and Mr. J might not be able to fix it until closer to Christmas. Which totally sucks. I think he might take it to work tomorrow, but even if he gets the window up, there would still be something wrong.

Anyways, that is all. I have to go to work soon. So, later!!
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It's been a long time... [Wednesday
December 7th, at 10 pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

I lot has happened since I last update... And, I mean really updated. So, here goes.

this wasn't meant to last, this was for right nowCollapse )

This has been long, and fun, and probably slightly random for most of you, but it's been real. Later.

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November 10th, at 9 pm]
Don't you feel special? It's almost like a real update.. Way better than the quiz from before. PEACE!!!


Aqua Sharpie

"Deep sea diving anyone?"

What Color Sharpie Are You? (25 different colors) Updated!
brought to you by Quizilla

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September 24th, at 9 pm]
I got hurt yesterday... The doctor says I'm going to make it. lol.

More later... I'm still in the process of trying not to think about it, but my boss gave me tomorrow off because I called him in tears about it. It was crappy.
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September 20th, at 7 pm]
Here's a picture update, of random things that my phone has seen.

It's amazingCollapse )

Now Steph and I are going to go do a belly dancing DVD... Good stuff.
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September 19th, at 9 pm]
I am sitting in my room, and I can smell the pot and it makes me sick.

2 more weeks.
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Know what sucks? [Tuesday
September 13th, at 3 am]
I actually tried to go to sleep early this evening, cause the last two times I have had to open the store, I have overslept, and once opened the store an hour late... So, I come home after a really boring day at work, and Ben tells me that Sam and some of his friends are coming over... Fabulous. So, Stephanie and I get ready to go to bed, cause we both have to work early, and at about midnight, Ben tells us that Sam is here.... Friggin A. This is like the worst situation ever.... So, I had just barely gotten to sleep when I heard people laughing, talking and walking out the front door. Then Stephanie woke up, and we listened to Ben talk about smoking weed...

Basically, I am extremely glad that my time here is almost up. Stephanie Kuchno tried to convince me to stay until February and then move out but that would be the worst idea ever... My time in the apartment is coming to an end, and it's going to be the best for everyone involved. Ben's friends won't have to listen to me bitch, Ben won't have to listen to me bitch, and I won't have to deal with the parties... All I need is the profound countdown until the end.

Hope everyone else had a better night... I personally know that some people did, and we all just have to deal with it our own way.

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September 11th, at 1 am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Bluerosegolfer: remember that one time, where we went to this random work BBQ, and then we headed to Seattle, but you drove, and the turnoff totally reminded us of the many other times that we'd been to S7 in the past years, and we had flashbacks off all the other times we'd been there, and all the other fun trips we took, and then we found out that everyone who played at the show we were at was hella young (hello 15 year old drummer) and kind of random, and we had tacos, s$s and cheesecake and fun before I took you home? Yeah... Me too... It was great.

Auto response from EversoSweet85sr:
remember that one time i went to a random battle of the bands at studio7 and totally fell in love with that guy in the white shirt.. and then i found out he's only 17... yea me too... bummer.....

Tonight was awesome. Hope everyone else had fun. NIGHT!!!

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September 10th, at 1 am]
I'm so freaking excited/really nervous for the show.

I made cheesecake from scratch today. Exciting. It looks really good, but I won't be eating it until tomorrow, and then I will be sharing it. Excited for the BBQ after work, and then a possible battle of the bands. Won't know for sure.

Off to sleep cause my battery is almost dead. And, no matter how much fun, tomorrow is going to be a very long day.
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September 9th, at 8 am]
I watched the first half of the OC at the apartment last night, then I drove to Casey's house and watched the whole show. I really liked it. It made a lot of sense to me. It had some amazing lines.

Seth: Sure. Record it. Release it on iTunes! Hope it's a big hit.

Anyways, afterwards, Jeff and I hung out for a while, cause he's leaving for school today. Jeff and I had fun, and then realized that Casey was still awake... We all watched a little 3rd Rock From the Sun. Jeff burned me a copy of photoshop before I left. I'm really happy. I can do all my retarded icon stuff on my laptop now.

I'm leaving to take Steph to work now. More later.

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September 7th, at 11 pm]
I was driving into the apartment parking lot tonight, listening to The Postal Service, and I saw a shooting star... I hope my wish comes true.

I just put a $2.25 bid on a cell phone on ebay... It's a motorola razor. I'm excited.

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a little late, but it's still okay.... [Tuesday
September 6th, at 12 am]
[ mood | amused ]

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

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September 2nd, at 10 am]
You know what I should be doing? Getting ready for work...

You know what I am doing? Watching Made on MTV. It's mildly amusing.

Anyways, this week has seemed really long, and I think it's cause I worked Monday through Friday. ... Normally I have some random days off durnig the week. But, not this week.

Today starts Labor Day weekend. 2 days off in a row... Yay! Long weekends!
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the summer obsession... and i'm not talking about the band [Thursday
September 1st, at 10 pm]
I have a new obsession... Anything Andrew is amazing. Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate... It all works out stunningly.

Work was work. We made 10% so we get hella bank... But, not for a while.

Ready to go to bed.

Lots of people are retarded... That's all about it.

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August 29th, at 11 pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

This weekend was great. I'll start with Thursday. It was Rebecca's birthday, so Rebecca, Crissy, Sara, Meghan and I went to Cowgirl's Inc. Fabulous good fun. I was the DD, so I had one Mike's Hard, and danced up a storm. Decided that I wanted to leave early, cause I had to work early the next day, and on the way home, we detoured to 24 hour Starbuck's in Lake City and then to Safeway for socks, and then to Kenmore Lanes for some bowling. I didn't win. I couldn't even beat 3 drunk people at the game. In the process, I managed to throw away a quarter that I borrowed to pay for my game. Yeah, how dum can you feel? Everyone was laughing at me... And asking if I'd really stayed sober. As if, this isn't butte. Got home around 3:30 and went to bed. Got up less than 5 hours later for work.

Spent Friday chilling by myself. I didn't feel good, and so I watched Sin City and it was freaking amazing... Went to bed early. It was fabulous. I got so much sleep.

Saturday I went to the DOL to get a new license. Realized after I retardedly spent an hour there that they only take cash, and it was $15 and I only had $10. I went and spent the rest of the afternoon at Krystle and Kelsey's Garage Sale in Edmonds. Got an amazing deal on the best freaking phone every... It's this really old school phone, and it comes in a box, and you open the box to answer it. They were selling it for $10 and I bought it for $1. It was the best deal ever, and it makes me so happy. I also got a scanner to go with my laptop. Now I have a printer, and a scanner, and my baby laptop. I don't care what anyone says, I love my DELL!! After I left the garage sale, I met Shannon at her house, and we both drove to QFC to get our tickets to Mae in October. Walked over to Denny's and ordered food. Yummy food. I was happily surprised cause we both mixed it up a little. After food, we went back to our cars, and I started to drive away, only to get a call from Shannon that her car wouldn't start. I pull back in by her, ask this creepy guy for jumper cables, and then climb in the car... It's the fuel injection system... Or, something to that effect. I felt really smart. Went back to my appartment and set up my phone, packed stuff for after the show, and headed out. Got to KTUB really early, and went to Starbuck's and sat there for a while. Went to QFC and got travel toothbrushes... Which is not unusual for me, especially if you know me... I am a toothpaste addict... There should be a meeting for this kind of thing. lol. The show was amazing. After the show we headed to Jeff's where I napped... Oh, first we watched Music Videos and then I napped. Who really knows what everyone else was doing. Psh. Headed home to find Sean sleeping on my top bunk, and all my clean laundry on the floor. PISSED ME OFF! SO FUCKING RUDE. Little prick. Also found Stephanie Kuchno sleeping in the bathroom. Fun times. Finally got to sleep around 4.

Got up at 7 to go meet my sister and my dad for breakfast and Ikea. Had fun. Went to the races. Lost $24, but had so much fun doing it. Went back to my parents house and had dinner and talked about the living situation. It'll actually be okay. It'll cost the same, but I'll only be giving them half the money, and putting the other half into savings. There'll be some other rules, but I'm okay with limitations. It makes things easier, cause I never have to figure things out by myself. Caught part of the VMAs and basically chilled. I got so much sleep, it made me so happy.

Work today was work. Tomorrow the DM is coming, and I need to be on my best behavior to make sure that nothing happens. Definately going to need a coffee break after a day from hell. Lovely!!

Anyways, I'm headed to bed. Have lovely nights!!!

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August 23rd, at 1 am]
I just got the new OC. So excited. Ben and I are going to watch an episode, cause I won't let him borrow it yet and he's sad. Tear.

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